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Fused Integrated Marketing defines a marketing strategy that is built based on an intimate understanding of how and why your customers, clients, or prospects make buying decisions. This enables your business to gain new customers/clients, deepen their loyalty to your brand, and increase the buying frequency of your existing customers/clients. See our process below:
Our Process - Simple, Effective, and Results Driven
Understand What Drives their Decision to Buy (customers/clients)
What triggers the decision, why is there a desire for change, how do they consider/evaluate brands, what influences their buying/purchase decisions (groups or information sources), what key factors are used to make a decision (decision criteria used by your target markets), do your customers/clients see value in your brand, and how do your customers/clients advocate, enjoy, or bond with brands.
Integrated Marketing Strategy with a Focus
Brand building, new customer/client acquisition, develop loyalty, and cultivate referral source(s).
Tactical Marketing Plan Development
For each marketing strategy there are applied tactics, which include a set of unique of defined messages tailored to each client.
Tactical Marketing Plan (execution)
Measure Results
Optimize Performance
This is what results-driven marketing is...
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