research and insights

Brand Analysis Consists of:
Primary Audience, Secondary Audience, Key Influencer's, Trends, Needs, existing perceptions of brand category.
Competitor Analysis Consists of:
Market Position, Brand Position, Brand Promise, Brand Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses.
Current Brand Audit Consists of:
History, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Values.


research and insights

brand audit, brand analysis, competitor analysis, market analysis

We develop a deep understanding of your current marketing situation by auditing your brand in order to establish untapped opportunities and then develop a strategy to take action. We identify your key target audiences, perceptions of current brands in your market and the identities of each, their current market position, customer decision-making factors and more.
We secure insight internally and externally, and then we develop insight into the product life cycle, what core features of your brand makes a clear distinction from your competition, we conduct a customer analysis, competitor analysis, and current brand audit. We also evaluate key competitors’ brand positioning to ensure your brand platform is distinctive.
Trends continually change which influence consumer behavior... which is why we continually evaluate them to ensure your core attributes are continuously aligned with consumer values and emerging trends. In today's crowded landscape, there are more ways then ever to engage consumers, we strive to make those channels work for you!