Strategic Marketing Results Driven Click Example
Strategic Marketing Consists of:
Planning Phase:
Situation (SWOT) analysis.
Market-product/service focus and goal setting.
Marketing Program Development the mix and the budget.
Marketing Plan
Implementation Phase:
Obtain resources, design marketing, develop schedules, execute marketing program.
Control Phase:
Compare results with plans to identify deviations.
Act to correct negative deviations; exploit positive ones.


Marketing Strategically

The benefits of our strategic branding process creates competitive advantage by: Creating a positive perception in the minds of target customers (and staff), positioning and differentiating you in relation to your competitors, relating to and positively influencing customer buying decisions, developing, managing, and building the value of your brand, making it difficult for competitors to match your professionalism or positioning. Through our research we define the proper marketing mix for your company with the intent to maximize both media allocation and your message.
Marketing done strategically:
1. Marketing Audit - analyze current position & opportunities:
a. Market analysis.
b. Market segmentation (targeting).
c. Marketing strategy.
2. Marketing Researchgain information on the market:
a. Quantitative analysis.
b. Qualitative analysis.
c. Consumer tests.
3. Marketing Mixshift perceptions and persuade your customers to use your services or buy your products:
a. Product.
b. Promotion.
c. People.
d. Price.
e. Place (distribution).